The DeHy™ platform is expanding rapidly along the I-95 corridor to fuel mobility with clean hydrogen

Join us as a strategic partner in building the American hydrogen economy

Our expanding network of partners

The First Decentralized H2 Platform (DeHy™)


producing & distributing

locally sourced hydrogen

What we offer

We offer customers a local hydrogen option, operating at small scales throughout the Eastern United States. The IH farm-to-table business model and turnkey solutions enable the adoption of clean hydrogen fuel for mobility now, not in some distant future.

IH’s modular engineering allows for faster scaling and productivity

IH’s first maintenance tech and Air Force veteran Jeff works on key H2 technology on local production site

IH employs local labor for construction and operations

American workers, emplacing American-made products, safely

Who we work with

We partner with fuel cell producers, hydrogen-powered vehicle manufacturers, and others to provide bespoke solutions to customers’ hydrogen and clean energy needs.

Kelly and Matt, two of IH’s chemical engineers ‘pioneering the American hydrogen economy’

CEO and Founder, Bill Lehner, onsite with the engineering team

Bespoke engineering solutions to produce hydrogen from local resources

American manufactured, installed by local contractors

Where we're going

Independence Hydrogen is honored to be on the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2), one of the seven Department of Energy Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub selectees.

ARCH2 spans three states, seeks to cut emissions, generate employment, and lower hydrogen distribution costs, contributing to the economic and environmental renewal of the Appalachian community.  IH is a proud project development partner with an early production site in Ohio already under development, and a fleet business unit that will connect supply and demand within the hub and among other regional hubs.

Pathways to Commercial Liftoff

The DOE’s recent report on accelerating clean hydrogen is right in line with IH’s farm-to-table business model.

IH’s engineering, maintenance, and operations reps conduct safety briefs before beginning work

IH is producing hydrogen today.  An early mover in the growing hydrogen economy

The Values that Drive Us

Inspired by the combat experience of our majority military veteran team


Safety first and safety always. Trust, but verify. Radical transparency.


Do what’s right. Be professional. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Pioneer the American hydrogen economy. Service to others. Humility.

Key facts

Independence Hydrogen by the numbers


is 80% less energy intensive than liquifying hydrogen


the carbon emissions of alternative fuel sources

By 2033

DeHy™ will displace 300,000 tons of man-made CO2 every year

Clean Affordable Reliable H2

Benefits of Hydrogen

Solving three problems in hydrogen markets repeatedly tripped by force majeure,

Security of supply

IH is building a resilient production, storage, and distribution network (DeHy™)


Keeping H2 local reduces costs


Quantifiably up to 10x cleaner than liquid H2 (and 94% cleaner than diesel)

Key facts

The hydrogen market in the U.S.


energy-related CO2 emissions that can be abated with clean H2


currently liquified and moved long distances


CO2, NO2, SO2 in cities than current fuel sources

Latest News

IH Safety, Integrity, Leadership

Values that Drive Us